A group of about 50 Eagle scientists with their hands in the air. They're wearing white lab coats and navy blue Eagle Masks. An Eagle cartoon character wearing navy blue with the Eagle "e" emblem logo on his chest. Text reads: "Let's Soar together in 2021"

Despite the waves of challenges presented by the previous year, (not to mention the uncertainty and fear), we at Eagle made a commitment to stand together with you as you tirelessly worked in a potentially life-threatening pandemic environment. We did this together to ensure patients received the medications they needed, and that these products were safe. 

Our Commitment to You

As we’ve entered into 2021—still not aware what lies ahead—one thing is certain, we as Eagle will continue to be here to serve you, and aim to improve our services to you throughout the year. Here’s a recap of last year, and what to expect in this new year!

A Recap of 2020 

Extended Our Hours to 7-Days a Week

While others stayed home, we not only continued to stay open but extended our hours to a 7-day workweek. This facilitated faster turnaround times and more efficiency towards providing our customers with timely results.

Eagleshield TSA 90mm Plates

Began Offering Agar Plates

We began offering environmental monitoring plates: The first of many solutions we’re developing as we aim to be your one-stop-shop for compliance and patient safety.

An illudation of a person's hand holding a phone with EagleTrax App on the screen

Launched EagleTrax App

We launched the EagleTrax App to put the power of managing your samples right in the palm of your hand.

A line of about 20 people in lab coats, hairnets, and navy blue Eagle masks

Donated masks to frontline workers

We began donating Eagle masks to frontline workers and played a role in communicating the importance of wearing masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

3 Eagle consultants at a table with a blueprint and other paperwork and a computer. One consultant looking at a tablet.

Provided Virtual Consultation Services

Despite the pandemic, our consultants still managed to provide science-based guidance both virtually and on-site. Our consulting service is designed to help you stay ahead as regulatory scrutiny continues to increase.

A graphic displaying a world map. The Eagle "E" Logo. The words "Eagle TV" underlined

Established Eagle TV

We launched EagleTV, with the aim to provide science-based news and information to our marketplace, and our loved ones.

And Much MOre….

In addition to these, we also published useful articles, made improvements to our customer portal, developed an exciting virtual seminar which featured a film starring our own Eagle team members, and so much more.

A man in the foreground with a clipboard look upwards. Two men in the background

Coming in 2021

A female scientist using a large black machine

BactAlert® Rapid Sterility Test

We’re excited to soon be launching an additional rapid sterility method to complement the ScanRDI®.

The BactAlert® will expand our rapid sterility testing capability to cater to products that may not be compatible with the ScanRDI®. These include Cell Therapy products, and others that auto fluoresce. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon to our website.

Two microbiologists in full bunny-suit garb discussing

PCR Identifications for Mycoplasma & COVID Identifications

As we continue expanding our testing services, we’re delighted to announce that Eagle will begin offering mycoplasma testing: A regulatory requirement in all stages of biopharmaceutical product manufacturing including cell banks, raw materials, bulk materials, and final product. PCR is the most reliable method used in determining the presence of mycoplasma contamination and provides rapid results. PCR also allows for rapid and highly specific diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. We look forward to this new venture which will open up more ways to serve our customers.

A green shield outline with the Eagle "E" logo

Expansion of our EagleShield Offerings

In addition to our bacteriological growth media plates, we will soon be releasing sealed computer keyboards designed for compounding and other healthcare related facilities. Eagleshield keyboards can be thoroughly disinfected and are a must-have for your critical areas. Minimize the risk of contamination in 2021. More information to come.

We’re excited about these upcoming ventures, and more that will be announced as the year progresses. Here’s to soaring together in 2021. We wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

The Eagle Team

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