Robert E. Byrne, Ph.D.

Robert earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Notre Dame in 1980. He continued his academic studies as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Biochemistry and as a Research Associate/Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago.

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He has built an extensive industrial background in R&D and Operations. He has also managed GMP/GLP laboratory operations and has also contributed quality and regulatory consulting services in the medical device, drug, and vaccine industries.

As Eagle’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Robert’s diverse experience is a key influence in the implementation of methodologies that improve Eagle’s laboratory operations.

Among various functions, he performs the stability study statistical analysis of data generated by stability-indicating validated test methods. These data are used to support the assignment of beyond-use-dates (BUD) for sterile or non-sterile drug products compounded and stored in the same labeled container-closure systems and appropriately defined storage conditions for the duration of the BUD.

Recently Robert has been focusing more attention on the chemical and microbiological testing needed as controls over equipment cleaning processes following the manufacturing of compounded drugs.

Dr. Byrne is smiling while wearing a white Eagle branded lab coat.


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