Are You Ready In All Areas Related To The USP Revisions

Revisions to the USP compounding chapters
and were published and will be official on November 1, 2023. These revisions will make USP compendially applicable.


Eagle offers multiple products and services to stay compliant with the revisions.
Get ready with Eagle!

To The
USP revisions

Utilize our industry experts to ensure that you are in regulatory compliance with the revisions. With our guidance, you will feel confident with your compliance. Let our experience work for you.

Our Services
FOR employee & patient

Protect yourelf, patients, and environment from exposure to hazardous drugs.

your business
from risk

Mitigate risk by allowing Eagle to verify that sampled areas were appropriately cleaned.

✓ Affordable
✓ Fast Results
✓ Easy to Use

Your fast and convenient method for verifying the efficacy of your cleaning program.

Our Services
Gap Analysis Audit

Let our experts conduct a Gap Analysis Audit of your facility to determine compliance with regulations and standards. Our audit will identify areas where your operation needs improvement in order to achieve compliance. Take the guesswork out of compliance. Be prepared for regulatory inspections.


Our scientific experts excel at helping sterile and non-sterile facilities identify challenges, risks, opportunities, and implement cost-effective, science-based solutions. With our guidance, you’ll feel confident with your compliance.


With our highly qualified interdisciplinary team, Eagle is uniquely positioned to accommodate your distinct needs, with services in consulting, calibration, certification, facility design, quality systems, third-party audits, and more.

Our Services

The Chemistry Department offers a wide range of testing options in accordance with regulatory requirements, including CGMP, USP, and DEA. Ensuring high-quality results, accuracy, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Microbiological Testing

The Microbiology Department provides customers with compendial testing that supports product disposition, development, validation and compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Calibration and Certification

Our engineers can provide initial and ongoing ISO certification of your facility to support aseptic operations. As well as qualify and calibrate your equipment to assure proper operation and performance.

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Showcasing Eagle’s Talented People and Events

Text states, “USP Third Annual Compounding Implementation Workshop, February 7 & 8” over a zoomed in image of a mortar and pestle being used for compounding. White lab gloved hands holds a pestle and plastic jar placed over the mortal at a pouring angle. The USP triangle logo sits in the bottom right corner of the image.

Join EAGLE for the Upcoming USP Compounding Implementation Workshop (Feb 7 & 8, 2023)

Eagle is excited to join USP volunteers and other esteemed compounding colleagues in a deeper discussion on the implementation of USP compounding standards. Please join our Eagle colleagues in attending the Upcoming Compounding Implementation Workshop on Feb 7 & 8, 2023 to be part of this important and informative dialogue.

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An image of Eagle's CEO & President Dr. Ross Caputo, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Lisa Johnson and Sr. Business Developer Jacqueline Esqueda, PharmD, RPh, smiling and standing in front of their booth at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition.

Robert Hernandez named the 2022 Eagle Employee Of The Year!

Congratulations to Robert Hernandez on being named EAGLE’s 2022 Eagle Employee Of The Year. Out of over 50 employees, Robert was chosen by his peers as an employee who best represents EAGLE’s values and principles.

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Text states, “EAGLE celebrates your achievement Jacqueline Esqueda on becoming a board-certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacist. Congratulations on obtaining this new certification.” Text located above and below an image of Jacqueline Esqueda, Senior Businesses Development Specialist. Dr. Esqueda smiles while wearing an Eagle lab coat.

EAGLE celebrates Jacqueline Esqueda, PharmD!

EAGLE is happy to share that one of our very own, Jacqueline Esqueda, PharmD, BCSCP, RPh, obtained a certification from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties!

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Revision to USP are published, Implement with EAGLE

USP Announcement 🔺

The long-awaited revisions to USP compounding chapters <795> & <797> were released & will become official on Nov 1, 2023. USP ENCOURAGES early implementation.

EAGLE is here for you to answer the questions & guide you through the implementation process.

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Eagle View

Highlighting Eagle’s Expertise

Keeping You Current with USP <795> and <797> Published Revisions

The published revisions made to USP General Chapters <795> and <797> mark their first major updates in years and include details and requirements that you need to know. The publishing of these chapters makes USP General Chapter <800> compendially applicable.

White text in front of a blue backdrop states, "Revisions to usp [triangle logo] 795 & 797 Published." An orange triangle with bold lowercase "usp" in white letters is set in the middle of that text.

The World’s Fastest FDA-Accepted Sterility Test | An Alternative Sterility Testing For Release

SCANRDI® has revolutionized the rapid microbial detection of organisms in solutions and soluble products with speed and sensitivity that is unrivaled.  Eagle’s SCANRDI® Sterility Test Protocol is an FDA-accepted alternative to the official USP <71> sterility test that can take 14-18 days to complete. Let Eagle, an industry leader in SCANRDI®sterility testing, deliver your test results in as little as 1 business day.

An image of a SCANRDI® Rapid microbiology instrument using cytometry: CHEMUNEX® product line.

What It Means When Your Sample is Out-Of-Specification

When sending samples for testing at third-party facilities, most clients want to ensure that results are both accurate and provided in a timely manner. This article intends to summarize the OOS process.

Brown Text that reads "OOS" on a gray background with a colorful yellow card with printed question mark.

Leveraging Our Expertise On Your Behalf

Regulatory requirements from the FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy, DEA, and other regulatory authorities can be difficult to understand, interpret, and implement.  That is why, in addition to science-based testing and statistical analysis, Eagle offers consulting services and third-party (gap analysis) audits in accordance with your distinct regulatory needs.  Let us help you meet your unique needs as a pharmacy, 503B, or CGMP manufacturer.

3 Eagle consultants at a table with a blueprint and other paperwork and a computer. One consultant looking at a tablet.
Our experience with Eagle has gone beyond getting reliable and accurate data on our daily testing needs. Eagle’s highly trained team provides quick solutions to our problems through their quality consultative services and courteous care. Being a customer of Eagle is a privilege. It’s a confident decision to add value to our businesses.
Sherry Eghtesadi, PharmD

Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy - Los Angeles, CA

Our experience with Eagle has gone beyond getting reliable and accurate data on our daily testing needs. Eagle’s highly trained team provides quick solutions to our problems through their quality consultative services and courteous care. Being a customer of Eagle is a privilege. It’s a confident decision to add value to our businesses.
Jim Hrncir, Rph

Las Colinas Pharmacy - Irving, TX

A digital person standing on the screen of a large cell phone with a Eagle "E" logo hovering over it.

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