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In line with our goal of being your one-stop shop for compliance and patient safety, Eagle offers you the EagleShield line of products and service offerings.


In the current environment where potential contamination is the primary concern, it is important to meticulously test your compounding environment to ensure there are no unknown contaminants, which can affect the safety of your patients and ultimately the integrity of your business.  EagleShield provides products and service offerings that holistically help facilities ascertain the presence or absence of viable microorganisms and chemical residue. EagleShield helps facilities mitigate risk by providing compliance and safety solutions backed by scientific research.






Environmental monitoring is a key element in ensuring that aseptic processing areas are maintained in an adequate state of control. One of the steps of environmental monitoring is the sampling of equipment, personnel, and compounding facilities. Learn how to correctly sample surfaces with agar plates by watching one of our microbiology experts in this video.


Stylized image of gloved lab hand placing an Active/Passive Air Plate – 90mm – Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) on a surface.


“Nothing Short of Exceptional!”

“My experience with Eagle has been nothing short of exceptional! Their professionals have years of experience and are very knowledgeable about the industry. I am especially impressed with the high level advice from Ross and the consulting team, as well as their guidance relating to organizational compliance and business growth. I highly recommend Eagle for any of your testing or consulting needs!”  

Emil Haldey, PharmD, Haldey Compounding Pharmacy – Bronx, NY

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