🦅 Abraham Gomez named Eagle’s 2021 Employee Of The Year

by | Jan 28, 2022

Abraham Gomez, Analytical Chemist I Eagle 2021 Employee Of The Year

Congratulations to Abraham Gomez, Analytical Chemist I on being the recipient of the Eagle 2021 Employee of the Year award!

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Each year Eagle employees cast a vote for a team member they believe most embodies our company’s core values and principles. Out of over 50 employees, Abraham Gomez was chosen as an employee who stood out for his extraordinary contributions to the company and the team, dedication to the chemist profession, and outstanding achievements through his work.

We truly believe the company’s success relies on people and we are proud to have dedicated team members in our crew.

Congratulations to Abraham Gomez our 2021 Employee of the Year! 🎉⁠

Eagle Analytical
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